Renting An Apartment In Edmonton Even With A Bad Credit Score


What Exactly A Credit Score Is?

By discovering what your credit score is actually is to maintain a strategic distance from circumstances where it might be an issue. Be prepared before you begin your search. This can help you with the following tips and can aid you in your search and not let a bad credit score stand in your way:

  • Honesty is the Best Policy

A bad credit score is a problem for most of the landlords, but not all of them. If you are concerned that your bad credit score is going to stand in the way an apartment that you really want, try being honest with the landlord/manager before they run your score. Honesty can work in your favor.

  • Co-Signer or Guarantor

Landlords need to be reassured that you will pay your lease on time. What better approach to reinforce this assurance than by having another party responsible for paying your lease should you neglect to do as such. Keep in mind that your co-singer will be taking risk as well, so make sure that the Edmonton Rental Apartment falls within your means and making the lease won’t be an issue for you.

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The Top 8 Perks of Living in Calgary Apartments

Living in Calgary Apartments

If you are not yet familiar with the lifestyle of Calgary, there are plenty of reasons to live here. Calgary is well-known as Canada’s Sunshine capital and also as the “heart of the New West”. Because of soft warm wind even in winters, residing in Calgary Apartments is truly a tremendous experience.

Here are few other reasons because of which residing in Calgary seems like heaven:

  1. Calgary is beautiful. To support the statement – here are the proofs! And these proofs are Banff National Park and the Rocky Mountains. The city likewise has a lot of climbing and biking trails, timberland’s, wildlife life parks, and lakes to appreciate.
  2. Calgary is financially strong. Calgary is known as the “epicenter of Canada’s economy” and is number one in the economic performance. The city is home to an assorted cluster of enterprises, which incorporates technology, fabricating, finance, transportation, film and the creative business.
  3. Calgary is rat free. Besides the Arctic and Antarctic, Calgary is one of ONLY THREE places on the planet that asserted to be rat free.
  4. It’s not difficult to spare case in Calgary. This is because you don’t have to pay any provincial sales tax in Calgary. You only have to pay 5% federal goods and service tax. This enables you to spare more than any other place. So, if you are looking for a city, where you can shop harder by sparing your cash, you must give a shoot to Calgary.
  5. Young population is large in Calgary. Indeed, one reason why it is financially solid is that the workforce is one of the youngest and strongest in Canada. Between the ages of 20 and 44, the normal age of the Calgarian population is just 36.
  6. It’s an outstanding place to work and live. Calgary tops Vancouver and Toronto with regard to the highest quality of life. It was positioned as the “best work environment in Canada” by the Globe and Mail and was named the “third Most Prosperous City” among the 24 urban areas by the Toronto Board of Trade. The Economist positioned the city as the “fifth Best City to Live in the World” and Today’s Parent magazine positioned Calgary among the Top 5 Best Cities for Families.
  7. Wages are higher in Calgary. The city has a larger number of millionaires per capita than any other place in Alberta or in Canada so far.
  8. Calgary is oil and gas capital of Canada. Canada is a worldwide leader in the production of energy. And many leading associations including the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers and Petroleum Services Association of Canada are headquartered in Calgary.

Calgary is one of the strongest and the best community in Canada. With these motivations to live in Calgary, it’s no big surprise that the city has a solid community. Be a part of Calgary and experience all of the advantages of living in Calgary. With Mainstreet Equity Corp., you can find excellent Calgary apartments. Contact now!

Make Your Life Stress-Free by Staying In NAIT Apartments in Edmonton

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), established in 1962 and created by the Alberta Provincial Government, is a place in Edmonton. It has served the Calgary market for over many years. This institute has delivered technical training and applied education to meet the industry demands. It constitutes of largest apprentice trainers offering many registered trade programs.

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Beyond this, NAIT also provides campus accommodations. Firstly, students prefer to live in university campus. By living in the campus, they feel restricted and enjoy less freedom at student houses. That’s why, after some period of time, the students prefer off-campus accommodation, preferably an apartment. This will provide the students with fewer restrictions and more freedom.

NAIT apartments in Edmonton offer the facilities to the students to find a place, by providing listings of home stay, room and board, and apartment rentals. Here, the monthly rental apartment is quite cheaper. Students can visit our website, to search for rental apartments via online housing registry. The registry also lists people who are looking for a roommate from NAIT.

Make sure to consider the following points, before renting NAIT Apartments in Edmonton:

#1 Agreement

You can sign a monthly or yearly agreement. Yearly agreement will help you in getting a better deal. However, you cannot break it, if you are not happy with the available accommodation.

#2 Utilities

Ask, whether the water, power, heat and cable is included in the rent or not. If not, then check how much it will cost you per month.

#3 Laundry

Check out whether laundry facilities are guaranteed or not.

#4 Security

Many of the apartments in Edmonton have security systems on the main door. This helps in allowing the residents to enter the building. So, ensure that NAIT apartments have adequate security systems.

#5 Shared Apartments

Sharing renting costs with other people will cost you cheaper than living on your own. If you had made your mind to share, then remember that the person, who signs the rental agreement, is responsible for the payments.  In order to evade quarrels with your roommate, discuss how you the room will be shared, before you move in.

Therefore, consider the above stated useful tips that will make your apartment living easier.

Mainstreet Equity Corp. has welcomed the students in Edmonton by providing them with the best NAIT Apartments. Now, it is not a stressful task for the students to look for the apartment, nearby NAIT. By visiting our mobile website and checking out available rental there, students can land into a stress-free environment.

Educational Opportunities in Ft Saskatchewan

Fort Saskatchewan provides quality ca

Educational Opportunities in Ft Saskatchewan

reers, study and entrepreneurship opportunities to the students. The economy is growing here, which is a plus for career oriented people. These prospects along with friendly and safe communities, affordable cost of living and the natural beauty of lakes, forests and prairie, bring about a higher quality of life for everyone. Students from all around the world enjoy when they come to Saskatchewan for study purposes.

Saskatchewan offers many quality work opportunities for graduates and international students. You can work in Saskatchewan while continuing your education too. Some educational institutions may also offer co-op/internship opportunities for students depending on their study program type.

For those who want to enter a skilled trade, Saskatchewan offers many apprenticeship programs, as well as 50 private vocational schools and nine regional technical colleges.

The province is home to the University of Saskatchewan and University of Regina. With quite many educational opportunities in this province, students from different cities and countries come here to purse their higher studies. Usually, they prefer off-campus housing, as living on campus restricts their lifestyle in one way or another. Mainstreet Equity Corp. provides students with apartments that are nearby their college/ university. Students can rent Ft Saskatchewan Apartment Rentals and complete their study period here, without worrying about the amenities and other services related to the apartment.

Let’s see the Post-Secondary Educational opportunities here.

Post-Secondary Educational Institutions

These include:

1. Universities

Saskatchewan has two world-class, government-accredited, publicly-funded universities.

  • With 10 faculties and 25 academic departments, the University of Regina has established reputations for innovative and excellent programs at doctoral, master and bachelor level.
  • The University of Saskatchewan offers 58 types of degrees, diplomas and certificates at doctoral, master and bachelor levels. University is a member of U15 too.

2. Polytechnics

Polytechnics provide people with marketable knowledge and skills. Saskatchewan Polytechnic is the Saskatchewan’s primary post-secondary institution for technical education. It offers 150 degree, diploma and certificate programs through campuses in Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, and Regina.

3. Regional Colleges

These colleges offer courses in skills training, trades and academic studies, leading to degrees, diplomas and certificates.

Great Plains College, Cumberland College and Parkland College are selected colleges to provide programs for international students.

4. Career Colleges

Career colleges offer vocational, non-degree training programs to prepare students for employment in a particular occupation. The programs cover a variety of areas including healthcare, fashion design, office administration and business.

The fees and application processes vary in all post-secondary educational institutions, so students can check with each institution for the specific details they need.

To make a more successful transition to life in Saskatchewan, students can rent Ft Saskatchewan Apartments, as it is a reasonable deal for them. Saskatchewan offers best quality and affordable education. From Prekindergarten to 12 Grade, system provides comprehensive education, which prepares students for a prosperous future. The universities, colleges and technical institutes offer an extensive range of courses from trade certifications to doctoral degrees. With high-tech research, innovative facilities and proficient educators here, it is evident for the international students to get attracted to this place.

Most Common Types of Apartments In The Calgary

If you were thinking that an apartment is just an apartment and now, as you are looking to rent the one, you are confused in its types. Mainstreet Equity Corp. is here to tell you that not all apartments are same and with so many different complexes available in Calgary, the many different types of apartments available are abundant. Studios, duplexes, triplexes, and multi-bedrooms – your apartment housing options in Calgary vary just as much as your locality preferences.

When hunting for Calgary Apartment Rentals, what type of dwelling you should look for depends upon your budget, lifestyle and preference. But, before you start considering every detail of your life that could possibly affect your renting choices, let’s have a look at the different types of apartments you can expect to see in Calgary.

1. Studio:

It is an apartment with no formal bedroom or living room area. Instead, there is one large open space that is most often joined to a bathroom and a kitchen. It is a small space, but it works for many people. There is a reason to rent a studio, as they are cozy and are generally small spaces with the necessities right at disposal.

2. One-bedroom:

It has more space than a studio and you get your own bedroom in this, but you are going to pay for it. With increased space and utilities comes an uptick in rent.

3. Single-family:

Apartments above one bedroom are generally termed as either a single family or a two-bedroom apartment. It means there is enough space for one family to live along with 1 or 2 children.

Apartments with three rooms are also available in many areas of Calgary. Opting for a standalone home, if you need more than two bedrooms, would require you to shed more money out of your pocket, as renting a house over an apartment is an expensive option in Calgary.

Next comes the building types, let’s have a look at them too.

1. Traditional apartment complexes:

These are present in many areas across the city. These are multiple units, occasionally in the hundreds, are available under one roof and in one area.

2. Duplexes:

One dwelling building with two units is called as a duplex, in which you share one common wall with your neighbor.

3. Triplexes:

They are similar in set up to duplexes, with the difference that the middle unit in this, shares two common walls.

There are a plethora of options when it comes to renting an apartment in Calgary, so it is best to look at all the options when choosing a new place to live here. Look for the place that fits both yours and your family’s needs.

So, think of the lifestyle you want to lead, your needs, and your budget while searching for your next apartment. If you are on the hunt for the perfect apartment, reach out to Mainstreet Equity Corp. to view vetted, apartment for rent in the Calgary.

Important Information for Moving to New Westminster

Every day, week, month and year, many people move to different destinations around the country. Everybody has his own reasons for moving, maybe the person has just got married, or he has just got promoted, or he wishes to move to a distant city, or he has been posted to the headquarters in New Westminster. So, reasons are varied, but the needs are similar. The foremost thing that everyone considers after moving to this city is the search for New Westminster Apartments, so as to begin their new life with ease.

Mainstreet Equity Corp. shares information about New Westminster to help newly moved individuals and families, getting accustomed with their new locale.

If you have just arrived to New Westminster, or you are planning to move here, we hope the below given information will help you get established in this city.

About New Westminster:

New Westminster is a historically significant city located on the right bank of the Fraser River in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia, Canada, on the southwest side of the Burrard Peninsula. “New West” was British Columbia’s first capital and is western Canada’s oldest city.

1) Population: 70,996 (As per 2016 Census Report)

2) Weather Conditions: New West’s mild temperate rainforest climate is almost similar to Vancouver’s. Here, average daily high temperatures reach 22°C in July & August and 6°C in December & January. The average annual rainfall is approximately 111cm/43 in. Moreover, the city gets 2,000 hours of sunshine per annum.

3) Schools: You can visit New Westminster School District website to view a list of schools in this area. The site provides you the information regarding registration, meal plan program, and much more.

4) Things to Do & Living: New West offers a wide range of activities in entertainment, sports, arts, and outdoor recreation: festivals and paddle-wheeler cruises, museums and heritage sites, art galleries and waterfront shopping, casino nightlife scene and the sports events.

5) Economy and Employment: The local economy of this city has always had a mixture of industrial sectors, but it has progressed over the years, evolving from a dependence on the primary resources of fishing & lumber in the 19th century, to manufacturing & heavy industry in the first half of the 20th century, to trade from the 1970s, to business and professional services in the 1990s, and eventually to high-tech & fiber-optic industry in the early 21st century.

At Mainstreet Equity Corp., we believe that we have a responsibility to help our customers get settled in their new apartments and New Westminster with ease. In our minds, our job doesn’t end here, but extends to making them familiar with the city. Hope, the above provided information will help you get settled in this city with ease.

Tips to make your rental furnished apartment in Calgary feel like a home

From furniture to kitchen appliances to artwork, furnished apartments are equipped with everything you need. To help tenants of Calgary Apartments create a comfortable atmosphere, Mainstreet Equity Corp. has put together some simple tips that can beautify your furnished apartment and make it feel like home.

  1. Work with the Current Look

Furnished apartments generally have some aspects that cannot be altered, like wall color and carpeting. But the other aspects that can transform the beauty of existing wall and carpet look are the accessories and artwork at your place. Choosing a rug can be a great starting point. Change the appearance of your apartment by adding an item that can be removed and moved around easily. For rugs and other home décor items in Calgary, you can visit House of Persian Rugs, Boft Fine Rugs, Chintz & Company, and many more places, which are just a few minutes’ drive from your apartment.


  1. Mix up the Arrangement

While the furnished apartments in Calgary do come equipped, this does not imply that the furniture has to stay at the same place where you found it. Reshuffle the furniture items to make the floor plan work for you. Make a cozier seating plan, do experiments, combine and split up end tables and change the position of your couches to your taste & liking. These apartments can be modified to some extent to accommodate the needs of the renter. For example, the provided towels, throws, pillows, linens, etc. can be stored and swapped with a few personal things that make you feel more at home. But before doing this, you need to be sure to click a photo of the initial set up, so that you can move everything back to its original position at the end of the lease.

  1. Include Plants

Create a miniature garden with living plants in your Calgary apartments. Bringing home some plant pots is a great way to add greenery into your surroundings. There are diverse plants that are ideal for apartment living and bloom in this type of environment. Some of the varieties that you can consider for container gardening are: English Boxwood, Parlor Palm, Norfolk Pine, False Cypress, Sugar Vine, Corsican Mint, and many more. There are many nurseries in Calgary from where you can buy these plants; Starburn Horticulture, Bow Point Nursery, Sunnyside Greenhouses are some of them.

  1. Personalized Possessions

Another easiest way to make your furnished space feel more of your own is to add some personal objects and items all around the space. While moving to Calgary, you can bring your personal stuff along with to cherish your past memories. Modern pieces of artwork, family antiques, photographs, kitschy collectibles, stuffed animals, travel souvenirs and books are some examples of possessions that will showcase your personality. 

  1. Wall Décor Items

Use adhesives that do not damage or create marks on the walls to paste the posters. The poster is an economical option that shows off your interests (favorite pop star, actors, music, shows and much more).

  1. Kitchen Decorating

While you are busy beautifying your place, remember to include the kitchen in your list too. Include a table of your own or add some colorful tableware to create a beautiful display in your kitchen. This will showcase your lifestyle.

Mainstreet Equity Corp. hopes that you will feel more like home at Calgary Apartment Rentals by following all of the above mentioned creative tips. We understand that there are so many things to consider while relocating: moving your households, getting your kids enrolled in school, joining the new job, hooking up utilities and other basic services and settling into a new place. Mainstreet Equity Corp. is here to help you escape this situation and find a reliable apartment for you. We can find you a home before you actually move to the Calgary. So, give us a call and feel at home faster with our Calgary apartments search services.