Do’s and Don’ts for Finding a Pet Friendly Rental

Finding pet-friendly rental apartments can be troublesome for many pet owners who want to live peacefully with their pets.

In this post I will share some do’s & don’ts for finding a pet friendly rental. By keeping the following in mind you can easily locate the best rental suiting to your needs:


1. Most optimum ways to start your rental apartment search includes:

  • Internet.
  • Local classifieds.
  • Individuals already residing in pet friendly accommodations.

In case you find all these ways inadequate, then you can also contact Animal Welfare group nearby your residence, as these individuals can guide you better.

2. When seeking a pet-friendly rental apartment, be very cautious that the property-owner allows it.

You can also discuss with the landlord regarding the breed restrictions, size & the timings when it is allowed to go out.

3. In some scenarios when this may not be your first rental you can ask your former landlord to provide you a letter of recommendation for your sincere performance during the stay.

You can create a positive impression on the new landlord, with the help of this letter.

4. Sometimes numerous special breeds are restricted into a specific region and are considered dangerous.

Always make sure to know it before moving to such area.

5. Your pet must be healthy, quiet, neat and well-behaved, so that your prospective landlord can stay assured that it’ll not cause any sort of harm to them.

A badly behaved pet is really tough to carry with.

6. Always behave kindly with your neighbors, specifically when you are residing in an apartment or a multi-family apartment complex.

Any sort of misbehavior or troublesomeness from your pet can incite them to complain against you.

7. It is only your due responsibility to make your pet an obedient member of the community you live in. You can also try a pet obedience training program to make your pet friendlier.


1. Never try to go for the rental communities that clearly advertise “no pets allowed“. Going for such sort of rentals is truly wastage of time for you and the landlord.

2. Don’t sneak your pet in to such rental housings, as you can be expelled if caught and there can be severe consequences as well.

3. Never leave your pet unattended or alone at places where it feels uncomfortable or inside the vehicle, as it can cause damage to others and itself.

If you are looking for reasonable priced pet-friendly rental apartments in Alberta then you can also browse online for Lethbridge apartments for rent pets allowed.

I hope you find the above mentioned suggestions helpful and using these can truly make a difference. So what are you waiting for? Start your search NOW!


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