Building & Maintaining a Healthy Tenant-Landlord Relationship

Was there any landlord in the past that you truly loved? If you are like most of the other tenants, the answer would be ‘never’. But there are some magical little secrets for everyone whosoever had a big list of complaints about their landlord.

Cultivating a good relationship with your landlord is crucial to ensure a good experience as a renter. It is helpful in avoiding unpleasant exchanges and surprise visits of the property-owner.

For better or worse, they play a great role in your happiness and ensure that your apartment is maintained, comfortable and safe. Following these tips don’t cost anything and can go a long way in helping you resolve the issues with your landlord or building manager.

Knowing your rights as a renter

Before committing to a new relationship, it is important to have a good understanding of your rights as a renter.

Before pursuing with any paperwork, you must know that the Residential Tenancies Act protects you from racial discrimination, sexual orientation and other types of discriminations.

After your first meeting with the potential landlord, the terms and conditions of the unit should not change, and if they do, you should consider it a red flag.

Understanding Landlord’s obligations

In this digital age, the term ‘landlord’ does not only refer to the possessor of the property, rather to the one who manages the responsibility of handling the property.

So, they are much more than just collectors of payments. They are the ones that ensure that your rental property is safe and up to code.

Understanding what they are accountable for will make it much easier for you to know what to expect and how to deal with the issues, thus starting your relationship on a solid basis.

Your Financial Responsibilities

Nothing can go beyond to get you into the good books of the landlord than paying rent on time. This shows that you are reliable, responsible and trustworthy, all very significant factors to start a healthy relationship.

Your Social Responsibilities

The apartment building is a social place, as it is a home to many individuals.

While staying there you will have to respect the social customs of the people you live with.

If the landlord is getting complaints about you from other tenants, it will damage your reputation, whether your neighbors are right or wrong.

Following Building Rules

Violating building’s rules is a definite fire way to get on the bad side of your property-owner. This is an easy one to follow under normal circumstances, but once you break the rules, many rental apartment buildings log this information in their ‘bad book’ where you would not like to list in.

Concluding Lines:

Maintaining a good tenant – landlord bond will work in both parties favor. Putting-in efforts in so will pay-off for both the tenant and the landlord. Protecting yourself by knowing your rights, making sure that you are not taken advantage of, staying committed to your daily responsibilities towards rental property will lead to a great tenant – landlord relationship. Are you in search of a renovated and family friendly rental apartment in Edmonton, AB? If yes, then simply visit to explore best rental apartments in Edmonton. We hope the aforementioned tips will assist you in maintaining a healthy tenant and landlord relationship.


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