Tips to make your rental furnished apartment in Calgary feel like a home

From furniture to kitchen appliances to artwork, furnished apartments are equipped with everything you need. To help tenants of Calgary Apartments create a comfortable atmosphere, Mainstreet Equity Corp. has put together some simple tips that can beautify your furnished apartment and make it feel like home.

  1. Work with the Current Look

Furnished apartments generally have some aspects that cannot be altered, like wall color and carpeting. But the other aspects that can transform the beauty of existing wall and carpet look are the accessories and artwork at your place. Choosing a rug can be a great starting point. Change the appearance of your apartment by adding an item that can be removed and moved around easily. For rugs and other home décor items in Calgary, you can visit House of Persian Rugs, Boft Fine Rugs, Chintz & Company, and many more places, which are just a few minutes’ drive from your apartment.


  1. Mix up the Arrangement

While the furnished apartments in Calgary do come equipped, this does not imply that the furniture has to stay at the same place where you found it. Reshuffle the furniture items to make the floor plan work for you. Make a cozier seating plan, do experiments, combine and split up end tables and change the position of your couches to your taste & liking. These apartments can be modified to some extent to accommodate the needs of the renter. For example, the provided towels, throws, pillows, linens, etc. can be stored and swapped with a few personal things that make you feel more at home. But before doing this, you need to be sure to click a photo of the initial set up, so that you can move everything back to its original position at the end of the lease.

  1. Include Plants

Create a miniature garden with living plants in your Calgary apartments. Bringing home some plant pots is a great way to add greenery into your surroundings. There are diverse plants that are ideal for apartment living and bloom in this type of environment. Some of the varieties that you can consider for container gardening are: English Boxwood, Parlor Palm, Norfolk Pine, False Cypress, Sugar Vine, Corsican Mint, and many more. There are many nurseries in Calgary from where you can buy these plants; Starburn Horticulture, Bow Point Nursery, Sunnyside Greenhouses are some of them.

  1. Personalized Possessions

Another easiest way to make your furnished space feel more of your own is to add some personal objects and items all around the space. While moving to Calgary, you can bring your personal stuff along with to cherish your past memories. Modern pieces of artwork, family antiques, photographs, kitschy collectibles, stuffed animals, travel souvenirs and books are some examples of possessions that will showcase your personality. 

  1. Wall Décor Items

Use adhesives that do not damage or create marks on the walls to paste the posters. The poster is an economical option that shows off your interests (favorite pop star, actors, music, shows and much more).

  1. Kitchen Decorating

While you are busy beautifying your place, remember to include the kitchen in your list too. Include a table of your own or add some colorful tableware to create a beautiful display in your kitchen. This will showcase your lifestyle.

Mainstreet Equity Corp. hopes that you will feel more like home at Calgary Apartment Rentals by following all of the above mentioned creative tips. We understand that there are so many things to consider while relocating: moving your households, getting your kids enrolled in school, joining the new job, hooking up utilities and other basic services and settling into a new place. Mainstreet Equity Corp. is here to help you escape this situation and find a reliable apartment for you. We can find you a home before you actually move to the Calgary. So, give us a call and feel at home faster with our Calgary apartments search services.




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