Important Information for Moving to New Westminster

Every day, week, month and year, many people move to different destinations around the country. Everybody has his own reasons for moving, maybe the person has just got married, or he has just got promoted, or he wishes to move to a distant city, or he has been posted to the headquarters in New Westminster. So, reasons are varied, but the needs are similar. The foremost thing that everyone considers after moving to this city is the search for New Westminster Apartments, so as to begin their new life with ease.

Mainstreet Equity Corp. shares information about New Westminster to help newly moved individuals and families, getting accustomed with their new locale.

If you have just arrived to New Westminster, or you are planning to move here, we hope the below given information will help you get established in this city.

About New Westminster:

New Westminster is a historically significant city located on the right bank of the Fraser River in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia, Canada, on the southwest side of the Burrard Peninsula. “New West” was British Columbia’s first capital and is western Canada’s oldest city.

1) Population: 70,996 (As per 2016 Census Report)

2) Weather Conditions: New West’s mild temperate rainforest climate is almost similar to Vancouver’s. Here, average daily high temperatures reach 22°C in July & August and 6°C in December & January. The average annual rainfall is approximately 111cm/43 in. Moreover, the city gets 2,000 hours of sunshine per annum.

3) Schools: You can visit New Westminster School District website to view a list of schools in this area. The site provides you the information regarding registration, meal plan program, and much more.

4) Things to Do & Living: New West offers a wide range of activities in entertainment, sports, arts, and outdoor recreation: festivals and paddle-wheeler cruises, museums and heritage sites, art galleries and waterfront shopping, casino nightlife scene and the sports events.

5) Economy and Employment: The local economy of this city has always had a mixture of industrial sectors, but it has progressed over the years, evolving from a dependence on the primary resources of fishing & lumber in the 19th century, to manufacturing & heavy industry in the first half of the 20th century, to trade from the 1970s, to business and professional services in the 1990s, and eventually to high-tech & fiber-optic industry in the early 21st century.

At Mainstreet Equity Corp., we believe that we have a responsibility to help our customers get settled in their new apartments and New Westminster with ease. In our minds, our job doesn’t end here, but extends to making them familiar with the city. Hope, the above provided information will help you get settled in this city with ease.


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